Looking for an original cake for a special event?

With the new Bagato app, you will easily find an amateur or professional baker near you who will be able to make your ideal cake for any special event. You will be able to place an order at any time with ease !


01. Find a baker near

Fill in your location and refine your search by specifying the information concerning the bake

02. Contact a baker

Communicate easily with the baker to bring more details on the desired cake

03. Validate an order

Pay online securely to confirm your order and a delivery date for your special cake

Great for customers

1. Practical

Choose from a large variety of cake available to suit any occasion

02. Communication

Communicate quickly and easily with bakers and cake makers

03. Direct

Find in a few clicks the baker a baker near your home

Great for baker

01. Visibility

Increase your business visibility and online presence

02. New customers

Expand your customer base

03. Free registration

Create and personalize a free professional profile
Free of charge


Safely pre-register online via the Baker area

How does this work ?

Are you a baker?

Submit your creations

01. Publish your creations

Share your best cakes to showcase your talent to potential customers.


02. Online booking and payment

When a customer makes an order, we give you their number in case you need to reach them.

03. Cake delivery and receipt of your money

Once the cake is delivered to the customer, we will transfer your money to your bank account (via Interac wire transfer, bank transfer).

Are you a customer?

Order your original cake

01. Finding a baker

Find your location and refine your search by specifying the information about the baker you are looking for. Then choose your cake that suits you. If you need more information, you can contact the baker before ordering


02. Book and pay online

Confirm your order and pay for your cake safely. Once payment is made, the order summary will be sent to you.


03.Pick-up your order

Enjoy your cake! And don’t forget to leave a comment to the baker!


Very intuitive and easy to use to place an order with the pastry chef!
– Jane.
Thanks to Bagato to provide me the chance to increase my visibility on the market
– Diana.
A large choice of pastry chef to enjoy at any time
– Marie.
A possibility of finding a good pastry chef near us in a few clicks. It’s really awesome
– Pierre.


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